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Travis focuses primarily on litigation, managing cases from inception to completion. Travis has represented clients in court hearings, mediations, and other adversarial and non-adversarial proceedings and has facilitated many successful conclusions to his clients’ cases.


While his early career centered in domestic law, Travis has expanded his practice to include trusts and estates, insurance law, personal injury, and immigration law, where his proficiency in Spanish is essential. Travis also has experience in municipal law, contract disputes, and other complex civil litigation in both federal and state courts.

Originally from Idaho, Travis earned his B.A. in Political Science from the University of Utah in 2010 and his J.D. from Michigan State University College of Law in 2013.  While living in Michigan, Travis worked for the 30th Judicial Circuit in Ingham County, Michigan under the guidance of the Honorable Rosemarie Aquilina. Additionally, Travis worked at Kelley Cawthorne, the largest and most prestigious lobbying firm in the state of Michigan and founded by the former attorney general of Michigan, Frank Kelley.    

Travis married the former Chelsea Walker in 2006. They have four children together, including a set of identical twin daughters.  

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Tel: 801-702-3001


Michigan State College of Law | 2013

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