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Walker Law Group is the natural evolution of Jeffrey N. Walker’s vision of providing the highest caliber of legal services to everyday people and their businesses. Having practiced at large downtown law firms in both Los Angeles and Salt Lake City, Jeff gained experience and expertise in a wide range of legal topics including complex civil litigation, banking, health care, antitrust, securities and tax law. Located in Sandy, Utah, Jeff has brought together young, ambitious and capable attorneys to further extend his vision.


Jeff realized that by working for large firms his legal expertise was only available to the largest corporations and wealthiest people. That is why in 1996 he founded a law firm that his friends, neighbors and their friends could afford and the expertise they deserve. In the ensuing 20 years, Jeff has helped literally hundreds of people and companies conquer their most difficult legal battles from commercial disputes, family law issues, tax and corporate matters, to real estate developments and mergers and acquisitions.


Walker Law Group continues in that tradition. It is not infrequent that Walker Law Group finds itself opposite some of the largest law firms in the nation. Using technology and an exacting professionalism, Walker Law Group has earned the reputation of excellence in the legal community. That vision of providing excellence at a reasonable cost is now being passed on to a new generation of lawyers at Walker Law Group.

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