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Walker Law Group health care lawyers represent clients throughout the intermountain west, a wide variety of health care providers, managed care concerns and other health care industry businesses.  As a result, the firm has broad exposure to the legal, regulatory and business issues impacting health care concerns in the changing health care environment. The in-depth involvement of firm attorneys in specific health care related transactions, as well as the firm's broad exposure to numerous health care legal issues, provides clients with the specialized expertise, and unique perspectives, needed to accomplish client objectives in the current and foreseeable health care environment. In addition, the firm has significant experience in business formation, contracts, real estate, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, litigation and other legal issues that commonly arise in the health care practice and integrated healthcare delivery system environment.


Walker Law Group is active in numerous health care industry practice areas, including the following:


  • Medical practice and medical staff relationships and structuring

  • Physician joint ventures and transactions between and among referral sources

  • "Stark" legislation advice and compliance

  • False Claims Act, fraud and illegal compensation issues

  • Business formation, financing, licensing and development issues

  • Regulatory advice and representation before state and federal licensing agencies, including the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Department of Health and Human Services, U.S. Department of Justice, Department of Labor, State of Utah, and Department of Professional Licensing

  • Health care litigation

  • Mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and partnerships regarding health care provider or payor entities

  • Health care facility licensing, change of ownership, and other regulatory compliance issues

  • Real estate and medical equipment acquisition and financing

  • Employee relations, hospital and medical facility compliance issues and ethical guidelines

  • Development and implementation of Corporate Compliance Programs

  • Insurance and risk management

  • Non-profit entity formation, securing exempt status and operational advice

  • Physician and other medical provider employment agreements and independent contractor agreements

  • Intellectual property protection

  • Managed care relationships

  • State and federal tax advice, particularly as to professional corporations, limited liability companies, pension and retirement plans related to physicians and other health care professionals and institutions

  • HIPAA counseling

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