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Family law problems may have a more real and lasting impact on the lives of individuals than any other legal matter. We understand that and treat each client with respect and compassion. Our family law attorneys have pursued a wide variety of issues in family law matters over the years, including child custody, child visitation and parent time, child support, alimony, retirement plan distribution, asset distribution, and debt allocation.  We have decades of experience in investigating, valuing and challenging the valuation of complex assets such as closely held businesses or corporations, professional practices, intellectual property, or other unique assets.

The attorneys at Walker Law Group has extensive experience in the following specific family law areas:


  • Divorce – We take a hands-on, proactive and solution-oriented approach to resolving the complex issues that present a barrier to resolving your divorce or military divorce amicably. We have the skills to arrive at an accurate, creative and efficient division of retirement accounts, disposition of the family home and other assets, including consideration of the relevant tax issues in the equitable distribution process. We take a sophisticated approach to the division of complex and high-value assets. Our attorneys are adept at handling complex litigation and working with other professionals in order to identify and trace assets. We consult with CPAs and other financial professionals to determine the sometimes-elusive value of a professional practice (like a medical practice or law firm) or a closely held business. We will work to obtain the best possible result for our clients. Often this is through negotiation and an out of court settlement, saving time and expense. But if litigation is required, we will aggressively advocate for our clients' interests. Our goal is to aggressively advocate for and to protect our clients, in the most cost effective manner possible. When child support calculations or alimony become complicated, our attorneys can help you find a solution through out-of-court negotiations or litigation.

  • Child custody – Walker Law Group has a wealth of experience in custody matters, including both trial court and appellate matters. We work with our clients to find creative and workable parenting agreements, and to handle all conflicts that may arise. Our attorneys have experience in custody relocation matters, as well as international custody disputes. It is very important that if you are considering a custody relocation, or are seeking to contest the other parent's right to relocate with your child, you should consult with us immediately. 

  • Adoption - One of the happier areas of family law practice is adoption. We provide representation through all legal phases of the adoption process. While we are not in the business of locating birth mothers or children from abroad to adopt, we are well qualified to ensure that adoptions are finalized in full compliance with Utah regulations as well as any other state that may be involved including birth parent representation and relinquishment, adoption agency representation, licensing and general counsel, contested adoptions, interstate adoptions, international adoptions, independent direct placement, step-parent adoption, grandparent and other relative adoptions, special needs adoptions, foster care adoptions, adult adoptions, surrogacy births, and structure of placements based on state laws

  • Grandparent or stepparent custody – We assist grandparents who are seeking custody of a grandchild when the parent is unfit or unable to provide the care and support the child needs. There are particular requirements for grandparents and people standing in loco parentis to have standing in these matters.

  • Mediation – Our lawyers are trained in mediation, which is a very effective way of resolving disputes, including divorce, custody and other related family issues, without litigation. This alternative can be private, cost effective, and more likely to result in an enhanced ability to co-parent children after a divorce.

  • Domestic violence – Our attorneys strongly advocate on behalf of victims of domestic violence or abuse, to protect them and to prevent further abuse. If you are the victim of domestic violence, please talk to us about options to protect your family. If you are accused of domestic violence of abuse, or have been served with a Protection Order, it is extremely important that you seek legal advice immediately. Our lawyers stand ready and able to give you the advice and counsel that you need, in order to protect your interests.

  • Premarital, post-marital and cohabitation agreements – Our lawyers are fully experienced in all of these types of legal agreements. Call us in advance, for advice as to how to protect assets, and to avoid future litigation. Our attorneys are well trained to provide the insight and advice needed, in even the most complex situations. This is particularly important for owners of family owned businesses, inherited property, and other types of assets that could potentially be considered to be non-marital property, with proper legal advice.

  • Issues ancillary to family matters – From tax issues to real estate, we can help you find a solution to any issues that arise during your divorce or other family matter.

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